Be CARB Compliant: Keeping You on the Road

Expert Diesel Consulting Service in Southern California

While CARB regulations help maintain clean air in California, they can be a challenge for businesses that use diesel equipment. Be CARB Compliant understands the system and can streamline the compliance process for our clients. Our diesel consulting service takes the headache out of CARB compliance so you can focus on your business.

Important Announcement About 2024 Clean Truck Check Testing

CARB has delayed the periodic testing start date for the Clean Truck Check program. CARB is allowing credentialed testers to perform and submit tests adhering to the Clean Truck Check standards ahead of the normal 90-day testing window. Passing tests will count toward the unit’s PSIP testing requirement for 2024 and the first Clean Truck Check test of 2025.

  • Test early for 2025 and get all your units completed at the same time.
  • One-time-only opportunity to avoid individual testing deadlines.
  • Satisfy CARB testing requirements for 2024 and the first half of 2024 at one time with a single test.
  • Testing must be complete by 12/31/24 to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • We are open 24 hours a day for testing!

Non-Compliance Keeps Your Vehicle in Park!

The California Air Resource Board has established strict emission standards for diesel vehicles. Every year, you must demonstrate your equipment is up to date with the regulations. A non-compliant vehicle will result in a DMV registration hold, taking your truck, motorhome, or other diesel vehicles out of service.

Falling out of compliance is stressful and expensive. Whether you are on the road for business or pleasure, your travels will be put on hold. The sooner you get back on the road, the better.

At Be CARB Compliant, we understand the diesel mandates in California. Whether it’s a single vehicle or a full fleet, our understanding of CARB compliance requirements lets us keep you in compliance with fast, efficient service. Our streamlined process will alleviate your CARB compliance headaches and get you back on the road where you belong.

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Experienced Diesel Vehicle Consultants

Keeping our clients on the road and active is our priority. Here are a few of the reasons to work with Be CARB Compliant.

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Diesel Vehicle Experience

Our journey started with 25 years as owner/operators in the construction industry. We understand the challenges CARB compliance can bring.

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Government Connections

We can make direct contact with CARB to provide quick resolutions to your compliance issues.

Certified PSIP and HD I/M Testing

Our smoke opacity and emissions control system testers are certified by the state. Official tester certification is required for a valid test result.


Negotiating Skills

The fine notice you receive from CARB may not be the final word. We’ve successfully negotiated lowered penalties on behalf of many clients.

clear communications

Clear Communication

Remaining CARB compliant is an ongoing process. We always notify our clients of the steps they need to keep their equipment active. This includes keeping you in the loop about upcoming changes to the regulations.

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Honest Assessment

If you own a non-CARB-compliant vehicle, we can typically tell you if we can help at our initial consultation. With our company, you always know where you stand.

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Not Sure if You’re CARB Compliant?

If you’re uncertain about your compliance status, we encourage you to contact our diesel consulting service. Our knowledge of the system greatly increases our ability to help. We guarantee that we will do everything within our power to resolve your compliance issues and get your equipment back to work.

Recent Reviews

Discover what our clients have to say about their experience with Be Carb Compliant. Their feedback highlights our commitment to exceptional service and effective carb compliance solutions.

Excelent service! Talked to Paul on a CARB compliance issue for a couple of Trucks I purchased and He resolved it Fast and Easy
Jc Velasco
Over 5+yrs working together. A lot of knowledge. Sydney has helped manage our compliance (and taught me along the way) Always responsive to request, and professional.
Delenia Hill
They provide the best service!
Ramon Gonzalez
Friendly staff and amazing service! 💯 Satisfied and happy customer
DTM Moore
Thank you for the years of great Customer service and all the advice you and your team have provided to our company. I was so happy to know that a firm like yours is out there to reduce the stress and headaches associated with keeping up with all the ever-changing requirements and restrictions on our equipment and trucks.
Rob Pezzanite

Great overall service
Awesome customer service
Quality work
Very attentive.

Be Carb Compliant is at the top of their craft, wouldn't use any other vendor.

Thank you for all you do and have done.

Shardae Anderson-Bell
Thank you for the years of great Customer service and all the advice you and your team have provided to our company. I was so happy to know that a firm like yours is out there to reduce the stress and headaches associated with keeping up with all the ever-changing requirements and restrictions on our equipment and trucks.
Walt Braico

Let Us Take the Headaches Out of CARB Compliance

Don’t ignore the regulations, and don’t let your equipment sit idle. Since 2008, Be CARB Compliant has been keeping diesel fleets and vehicles compliant. We are the diesel consulting service who will get your equipment back into operation.  Contact us today to learn more.

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Questions About CARB Compliance?

Below Are Some Common Questions about CARB Compliance

Maintaining diesel compliance is a regular event. We always give our clients notice about upcoming requirements.
Compliance notices do not disappear with time. Ignoring the rules will result in expensive fines that will continue to grow.
CARB regulations apply to all diesel engines. We offer assistance with construction equipment, portable equipment, and TRU (reefer trucks) compliance as well as other industries that use diesel engines.

We can’t guarantee the California Air Resources Board will lower its fines. However, we have had success in negotiating lower penalties for many of our clients.

We offer record-keeping services to our clients to track and maintain compliance on an annual basis. Tailored fleet updates are provided so you understand your future compliance needs with time to plan for them. Let us do the busy work so you can be productive.

Did We Answer Your Question?

Our Services

At Be CARB Compliant, we understand how frustrating it can be to maintain CARB compliance for all your vehicles. Our comprehensive CARB compliance services offer you security as you seek to keep your business thriving.

Initial and Annual Reporting

We will get your truck or diesel equipment properly registered and help you maintain your compliance status every year, handling reports for diesel trucks, off-road equipment, portable equipment, and TRUs.

Smoke Opacity Testing

Testing your emissions is an essential part of staying in compliance. Our certified smoke opacity tester provides a valid test that meets all state requirements.

Non-Compliance Resolution

If you have received notice of non-CARB compliance, we will help you navigate the system to get your equipment back in active use.

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Heavy Duty I/M Program

A faulty emissions control system can lead to heavy fines. We will make certain your equipment will meet the CARB HD I/M standards.

Recordkeeping Services

We keep digital records of test results and other compliance data on file for easy reference. Let us maintain and handle your paperwork.

additional services

Additional Services

Our team can help you with all your diesel equipment compliance needs like labeling, training, and permitting. Contact us to learn how we can help!