CARB Compliance Reporting Services

Accurate Reporting to Maintain Your California ARB Compliance

Businesses must register every commercial diesel vehicle with CARB. Air quality regulations also require submitting emissions data on a regular basis. Our CARB compliance reporting services will keep every engine in your fleet up to date and in service.

Don’t Let Diesel Compliance Issues Keep You Off the Road!

Fulfilling CARB requirements for trucks and other diesel engines takes time and organization. Maintaining the paperwork can be difficult enough for one vehicle. If your business includes additional diesel-powered equipment, the recordkeeping and reporting become even more complicated.

Failure to make regular reports will result in penalties down the line. A DMV registration hold takes time to unravel, leaving you unable to operate your vehicles. Fines for non-compliance become expensive quickly and will increase if you ignore them.

Be CARB Compliant simplifies the paperwork with our helpful compliance reporting services. We will maintain accurate records in digital form for every diesel engine you utilize in your business. Then, we will make sure any necessary data makes it to CARB on time. Whether you work with off-road construction equipment, agricultural vehicles, diesel trucks, or portable equipment, our team has you covered.

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Benefits of our Diesel Engine Reporting Services

Maintaining diesel engine compliance with CARB is our priority. Allowing us to maintain your records brings several benefits.


We keep track of all ownership and testing records to maintain your compliance throughout the year.



Our team will make certain you meet regulation deadlines.

Digital Access

Storing information as digital records allows for easy searches and immediate access.

Industry Knowledge

We stay up to date on all diesel-related regulations and are connected to relevant state departments.

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Regular Communication

We will provide automatic updates to advise when you need to take action to maintain compliance.


Client-Centered Business

We treat our clients like family, and will do what we can to help you succeed.


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Is Your Diesel Equipment in Compliance?

If you’re uncertain about your compliance status, we welcome your questions. Our advanced regulatory knowledge increases our ability to resolve your issues. We guarantee we will do everything within our power to get and keep you in CARB compliance so your equipment can get back to work.

Let Be CARB Compliant Handle the Busy Work

We know you have enough to do without dealing with annoying paperwork. Our team will keep you organized, in compliance, and on the road. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Questions About CARB Reporting?

Below Are Some Common Questions about CARB Reporting

CARB regulations apply to all diesel engines. We offer assistance with construction equipment, portable equipment, and TRU (reefer trucks) compliance as well as other industries that use diesel engines.

Of course. However, partnering with us frees you from this chore. We specialize in diesel engine CARB compliance so you can focus on your business.

The type of records required is dependent on the kind of equipment you use. Contact us about your equipment, and we’ll provide you with an accurate price.

Start by giving us a call. We can easily identify what your issue is and what it entails to resolve it. Then, we’ll get you back into CARB compliance.

Compliance notices do not disappear and ignoring them will result in expensive fines. CARB will contact the DMV and place a hold on your registration. You won’t be able to operate your vehicle legally.

Did We Answer Your Question?

Our Services

At Be CARB Compliant, we strive to take the headaches out of CARB compliance. Our clients have security knowing that our comprehensive services will keep their equipment active.

Heavy Duty I/M Program

The CARB HD I/M program requires several actions to maintain compliance. We will make sure that your business meets all the deadlines without fail.

Smoke Opacity Testing

Diesel emissions are at the center of CARB regulations. Our certified smoke opacity tester provides a valid test that meets all state requirements.

Recordkeeping Services

Keeping records in a digital format makes them accessible when you need them. With our team, you will never worry about lost paperwork again.

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Non-Compliance Resolution

Resolving CARB non-compliance notices is a frustrating part of working with diesel equipment. Fortunately, our compliance experts understand the system and will help you handle the issue.

additional services

Additional Services

Don’t let CARB compliance keep your vehicles off the road. Our team can help your diesel equipment meet current regulations with services like labeling, training, and permitting. Contact us for a free consultation!