Certified Smoke Opacity Testing

Maintain Compliance with the CARB PSIP

The power of diesel engines is necessary for the logistics and construction industries. Unfortunately, diesel exhaust contains pollutants that affect air quality. CARB regulations exist to minimize this issue. Smoke opacity testing from Be CARB Compliant will help you meet the CARB inspection requirements for your fleet.

You Can’t Pass the PSIP Requirements Without a Certified Tester

The Periodic Smoke Inspection Program from CARB is meant to minimize pollutants in the California air. On-road fleets with at least two vehicles must undergo annual smoke opacity testing to remain in CARB compliance. Ignoring this regulation can result in hefty fines and registration holds.

Carrying out this test requires more than the purchase of a smoke meter. A professional must receive training through the California Council on Diesel Education and Technology to submit valid results to CARB. Results from testers who are uncertified or have an expired certification are invalid.

Be CARB Compliant has an in-house certified smoke opacity tester to handle your fleet PSIP testing needs. We will make certain your results are properly submitted and keep a digital record on file for your future compliance needs. We keep the compliance process simple!

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Smoke Opacity Testing for CARB Compliance

PSIP limits vary based on the age of your trucks. Our certified tester knows the regulations and will make sure every truck in your fleet is ready for the road.

Engines less than 4 years old

Not subject to PSIP testing

Engines with a DPF

5% opacity limit

Engines with a Level 2 VDECS

20% opacity limit

1997-2006 Model Year Engines

20% opacity limit

1991-1996 Model Year Engines

30% opacity limit

Pre-1991 Model Year Engines

40% opacity limit

If your vehicle fails the PSIP test, you have 45 days to repair and retest the vehicle before it becomes a compliance issue. Our team can help you navigate the process and handle your retest.

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Excelent service! Talked to Paul on a CARB compliance issue for a couple of Trucks I purchased and He resolved it Fast and Easy
Jc Velasco
Over 5+yrs working together. A lot of knowledge. Sydney has helped manage our compliance (and taught me along the way) Always responsive to request, and professional.
Delenia Hill
They provide the best service!
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Friendly staff and amazing service! 💯 Satisfied and happy customer
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Thank you for the years of great Customer service and all the advice you and your team have provided to our company. I was so happy to know that a firm like yours is out there to reduce the stress and headaches associated with keeping up with all the ever-changing requirements and restrictions on our equipment and trucks.
Rob Pezzanite

Great overall service
Awesome customer service
Quality work
Very attentive.

Be Carb Compliant is at the top of their craft, wouldn't use any other vendor.

Thank you for all you do and have done.

Shardae Anderson-Bell
Thank you for the years of great Customer service and all the advice you and your team have provided to our company. I was so happy to know that a firm like yours is out there to reduce the stress and headaches associated with keeping up with all the ever-changing requirements and restrictions on our equipment and trucks.
Walt Braico

Do You Have Other CARB Compliance Issues?

If have questions about your compliance status, we invite you to reach out to us. Our industry experience enhances our ability to assist you. We want to get your equipment back on track, and we guarantee we will do everything within our power to resolve your compliance issues.

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Let Us Handle Your Diesel Emissions Testing

Our smoke opacity testing services will help you meet your CARB requirements and stay on the road. Do you have equipment that is due for PSIP testing? Contact our office today.

Questions About Smoke Opacity Testing?

Below Are Some Common Questions about Diesel Emissions Testing

On-road fleets with two or more 6,000-lb diesel vehicles must receive annual smoke opacity testing. You are not required to test trucks with engines less than four years old.

CARB will only accept results from someone who has received official training. Any other results are invalid.

CARB gives you 45 days to make necessary repairs and bring your trucks into compliance. A retest is also required to verify the repair.

Emissions technology has changed over the past few years, and trucks with the latest equipment must meet a stringent 5% opacity limit. However, older trucks have more leeway, and a pre-1991 engine can pass by meeting a 40% opacity limit.

If you have a larger fleet, our tester will come to you. We will bring all the necessary equipment and paperwork for a proper inspection. Then, we will keep digital copies of your results on file for your convenience.

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Our Services

At Be CARB Compliant, we know the difficulty of maintaining CARB compliance for all your vehicles. The CARB compliance services we provide will give you peace of mind while you focus on your business.

Initial and Annual Reporting

We will get your truck or diesel equipment properly registered and help you maintain your compliance status every year, handling reports for diesel trucks, off-road equipment, portable equipment and TRUs.

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Non-Compliance Resolution

A non-compliance notice does not have to stop your business. We understand the regulations and can help you successfully navigate the resolution process.

Recordkeeping Services

Let us maintain your paperwork while you focus on more important issues. If you ever need to look up information, you will have an easily-accessible digital file.

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Heavy Duty I/M Program

As the CARB HD I/M program comes online, our team is ready to help commercial truck drivers meet the requirements. We will share any regulation updates and deadlines and keep you informed about what you need to do.

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Additional Services

Is CARB compliance a concern for your fleet? Our team of diesel consultants can make certain that your equipment meets current regulations with services like labeling, training, and permitting. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help!