CARB HD I/M Program Compliance Services

Everything You Need to Pass a Heavy Duty Vehicle Inspection

The Heavy Duty Inspection/Maintenance Program seeks to get vehicles with high emissions off the road. Beginning in 2023, trucks will be subject to twice-a-year testing and remote emissions checkpoints. Working with Be CARB Compliant will help you avoid CARB HD I/M violations and keep your fleet active.

A Valid HD I/M Compliance Certificate Is Essential for Staying on the Road

Starting in 2023, the CARB HD I/M program will affect large vehicles throughout the state. To keep your vehicles on the road, you must register them with the HD I/M database and provide testing information twice a year. Failure to keep your truck in compliance will result in the denial of your registration.

Every truck in your fleet that is forced off the road due to non-compliance is not generating income. Citations can happen unexpectedly. CARB will be using roadside emissions monitoring devices throughout the state to measure the output of trucks on the road. However, a testing notice doesn’t need to be an emergency.

The compliance experts at Be CARB Compliant will help you stay ahead of HD I/M requirements. We keep digital records of all your vehicles and can tell when they are due for their next opacity test, diesel engine inspection, or OBD data submission. Let us handle the HD I/M details so that you can focus on your business.

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Understanding the Heavy Duty Inspection and Maintenance Regulations

The state of California introduced the CARB HD M/I program to reduce the amount of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides released into the air by heavy-duty vehicles. Trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,000 lbs or more that cannot meet standards will be denied registration. The compliance requirements for truck owners and operators include:


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Do You Have Other CARB Compliance Issues?

If you work with diesel equipment, keeping CARB compliant is necessary for success. Our knowledge of the regulations allows us to help you maintain your fleet. Our diesel consulting business will do everything in its power to resolve your compliance issues and get your equipment back to work.

Let Us Keep You CARB HD I/M Compliant

We know you have enough to do without dealing with annoying paperwork. Our team will keep you organized and on the road. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Questions About CARB HD I/M?

Below Are Some Common Questions about HD I/M Regulations

All heavy-duty diesel trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,000 lbs must have a compliance certificate.

Older trucks must submit smoke opacity test results twice a year under the program. Trucks with an on-board diagnostic system can submit data remotely. The digital records we keep for you at Be CARB Compliant will simplify this task.

You must register your vehicle with the program and submit emissions testing results on time. You must resolve any outstanding compliance issues and pay an annual fee as well.

Heavy-duty trucks without an active compliance certificate will be denied registration. It is critical to your business to keep your compliance up to date.

In addition to truck testing, CARB is also placing remote diesel engine inspection equipment throughout the state. Receiving an NST means that your vehicle failed the spot check. To remain in compliance, you must have your truck tested and make the necessary repairs to resolve the issue.

Did We Answer Your Question?

Our Services

At Be CARB Compliant, we understand how frustrating it can be to maintain CARB compliance for all your vehicles. Our comprehensive CARB compliance services offer you security as you seek to keep your business thriving.

Initial and Annual Reporting

We will properly register your diesel equipment and work to maintain your compliance status every year, handling reports for diesel trucks, off-road equipment, portable equipment, and TRUs.

Smoke Opacity Testing

If your trucks require direct smoke opacity testing, we have a state-certified tester on our staff. Regular emissions testing is essential to staying in compliance. 

Recordkeeping Services

Digital records of test results and other standards will demonstrate that you are working to stay in compliance. We keep your reports on file for quick and easy access.

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Non-Compliance Resolution

A notice of non-CARB compliance doesn’t have to disrupt your operations. We understand the system and will help you navigate it so you can your equipment back into operation.

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Additional Services

Be CARB Compliant will help maintain your compliance status with services like labeling, training, and permitting. Our purpose is to make CARB compliance simple for our clients. Contact us to learn how we can help!