CARB Clean Truck Check Regulations for Diesel Truck Owner/Operators

HD I/M Regulations for Diesel Trucks in California

The Clean Truck Check (CTC) program has replaced the CARB regulations established in the PSIP. It applies to almost all heavy-duty diesel fuel vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of over 14,000 pounds operating in California. Some of those most affected by the new regulations are truck owner/operators. While many of these professionals were exempt from previous regulations, they are now subject to CTC requirements.

Owner/Operator CTC Regulations

If you need help understanding the new CARB regulations, here are answers to questions we frequently receive at Be CARB Compliant.

CARB’s Clean Truck Check is a regulation designed to evaluate the emissions control systems of heavy-duty vehicles, ensuring they function correctly. This program is applicable to almost all diesel and alternative fuel heavy-duty vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of more than 14,000 pounds that operate on public roads in California. 

Unlike the Periodic Smoke Inspection Program that focused on fleets, the Clean Truck Check program requires all applicable trucks to be registered in the CARB database and undergo compliance testing.

The initial step involves registering your vehicle with CARB’s Clean Truck Check through the Vehicle Inspection System portal. If you have not yet registered, you will be required to pay a vehicle compliance fee of $30 for the year 2023. You must pay this fee annually to maintain compliance.

For 2024, the compliance demonstration will require paying the 2023 and 2024 annual compliance fees and clearing any outstanding enforcement violations on your vehicle. However, beginning in 2025, the compliance process will include passing a semi-annual emissions compliance test. 

OBD-equipped trucks registered in California have CARB testing deadlines that coincide with their DMV registration expiration date. Owners may not submit test results taken more than 90 days from this date. For 2025, trucks must be tested twice per year. In 2027, the testing requirement will increase to four times per year.

Trucks registered outside of California that operate in the state must also register with CARB and undergo emissions testing. Their compliance deadline is determined by the last digit of their VIN. More information on this schedule can be found on CARB’s site

The type of emissions test depends on the vehicle. In most cases, the truck will undergo an OBD test using a CARB-certified device. Pre-2013 diesel engines will require an SAE J1667 opacity test.

Ignoring CARB requirements will result in DMV registration holds and potential fines.

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