Experienced CARB Non-Compliance Resolution Services

Minimize the Impact of CARB Violation Penalties

Dealing with a non-compliance violation is a stressful process. You want to handle the problem with the smallest possible impact on your business. Successful CARB non-compliance resolution requires industry knowledge and connections. Be CARB Compliant has both!

A CARB Violation Doesn’t Need to Interrupt Your Work

Receiving a CARB violation notice can have a heavy impact on your livelihood. Penalties can include annual fines and DMV registration holds. If you can’t get your equipment on the road or out in the field, you may have to cancel orders or delay projects.

Ignoring the violation will just make things worse. CARB penalties are supposed to remove the financial benefits of non-compliance, so fines will increase if you wait to resolve the issue.

If CARB sends you a violation notice, you will have the opportunity to discuss the issue. Our non-compliance resolution team can be a big help in this case. We understand regulations and policies, and we will use that knowledge to argue on your behalf. In many cases, CARB compliance fines can be waived or significantly reduced.

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Factors in Assessing CARB Violation Penalties

While the purpose of CARB is to minimize air pollution, the state also knows the economic importance of keeping companies and operators that use diesel engines in operation. Our team understands and works with the leeway built into CARB regulations. Some of the factors the state will consider include:

Size of the Violation

The size of the penalty can depend on the amount of pollution produced, an important consideration if you have a large fleet.

Duration of the Violation

Penalties increase the longer you wait to address them. Ignoring CARB notices is a costly decision.

Compliance History

With our digital reporting records, we can demonstrate that you have worked to stay in CARB compliance in the past.

Efforts Towards Compliance

Showing that you are working towards compliance can reduce penalties.


CARB rewards cooperation with auditing procedures. Because we can share your records quickly, we can help you in this respect.

Financial Burden

CARB can negotiate your financial penalties if you can show that they would create a financial burden.


Is CARB Compliance an Issue for Your Business?

Our knowledge of CARB regulations puts us in a great position to help you resolve any issues. If you have questions about your compliance status, we encourage you to reach out for a free consultation. We guarantee to do everything we can to handle your compliance issues.

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Let Us Be Your CARB Violation Advocates

Don’t let a CARB violation notice go from bad to worse. Our CARB non-compliance resolution services will get you back to work. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Questions About CARB Resolution

Below Are Some Common Questions about CARB Violation Resolution

Start by giving us a call. We can easily identify what your issue is and what it entails to resolve it. Then, we’ll get you back into CARB compliance.

Compliance notices do not disappear, and ignoring them will result in expensive fines. CARB will contact the DMV and place a hold on your registration. You won’t be able to legally operate your vehicle.

We base your costs on an hourly fee, so the total depends on the complexity of your compliance issues. Sometimes, we can handle things with a single phone call to the right person. Other cases will involve a longer process.

CARB can be more flexible on penalties with cooperative people or organizations. Working with Be CARB Compliant is a way of showing your positive intent. Also, we make every aspect of compliance and resolution simpler through our knowledge of the process.

There are several steps to CARB compliance that begin when you add on-road, off-road, or portable diesel equipment to your business. You must report each piece or vehicle to the state and have its emissions tested regularly. We can help you through the process and keep you on track.

Did We Answer Your Question?

Our Services

At Be CARB Compliant, we provide several services to keep your equipment in compliance with state regulations. When we handle these details, you are free to focus on your business.

Initial and Annual Reporting

Registering and reporting your diesel equipment is the way to keep avoid compliance issues. We will make certain that every piece of equipment in your fleet is properly documented.

Smoke Opacity Testing

Our certified smoke opacity tester provides a valid test that meets all state requirements. Regular emissions testing is a necessary part of maintaining diesel equipment in California.

Recordkeeping Services

The Be CARB Compliant team can handle your paperwork and keep it up to date. We keep digital records on file for easy reference if there are any issues. 

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Heavy Duty I/M Program

Staying in line with the CARB HD I/M program is essential for California truck drivers. We will make certain that you stay on track, meet state deadlines, and avoid unnecessary fines.

additional services

Additional Services

Our team can help your diesel equipment meet current regulations with services like labeling, training, and permitting. We provide services that will keep your equipment in compliance. Contact us to learn how we can help!