CARB Clean Truck Check Motorhome Regulations

HD I/M Regulations for Diesel Motorhomes in California

Diesel motorhome owners are adjusting to the latest wave of CARB regulations under the Clean Truck Check program. For 2024, they must register their vehicles with CARB and prepare for annual emissions compliance testing. If you’re unsure whether your vehicle qualifies or need help with the process, the team at Be CARB Compliant is ready to assist you.

Diesel Motorhome Regulations

Here are some answers to common questions about CARB CTC regulations for diesel motorhomes.

CARB’s Clean Truck Check is a regulation to test heavy-duty vehicles’ emissions control systems for proper operation. The program applies to nearly all diesel and alternative fuel heavy-duty vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of over 14,000 pounds operating on California public roads. The program includes diesel motorhomes that fall into this class.

Clean Truck Check applies to diesel motorhomes with a GVWR of over 14,000 operating within California.

The first step is registering your vehicle with CARB’s Clean Truck Check, Vehicle Inspection System portal. If you have not registered yet, you will pay a vehicle compliance fee ($30 for 2024). You must pay this fee annually to remain in compliance.

To demonstrate compliance in 2024, you will need to pay the annual compliance fee and resolve any existing enforcement violations associated with your vehicle. Starting in 2025, the compliance procedure will also require passing an emissions test once per year.

Beginning in 2025, diesel motorhomes will require an annual compliance test by a certified tester. Testing can be carried out no more than 90 days before your compliance deadline.

For vehicles registered in California, your compliance deadline will match your registration deadline in 2025. 

Non-compliance may result in a vehicle registration block and other enforcement actions.

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Keep Your Diesel Motorhome in CARB Compliance

Many motorhome owners did not realize that Clean Truck Check applied to their vehicles. We have already received calls from clients whose registration was blocked due to non-compliance. If you need assistance getting your vehicle into CARB’s system, Be CARB Compliant can help. Contact us for a consultation about your diesel motorhome.