Clean Truck Check Rules for Diesel Truck Fleets

Prepare Your Fleet to Comply with the HD I/M Program

The trucking industry is adjusting to the introduction of the Clean Truck Check program from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). This new set of regulations takes the place of the PSIP and affects almost every diesel vehicle operating in the state. If your business has a fleet of heavy-duty diesel vehicles, you must bring them into compliance with the new law.

Truck Fleet Regulations

If you have questions about how the Clean Truck Check regulations will impact your fleet, Be CARB Compliant can help. Here are answers to some of the common questions we receive.

In 2021, the California state senate passed a bill instructing CARB to develop regulations to ensure the emissions control systems of heavy-duty vehicles were functioning properly on state highways. The program includes expanded emissions monitoring, mandatory vehicle registration, and increased vehicle testing. The program affects diesel and alternative fuel heavy-duty vehicles with a GVWR of over 14,000 pounds. CTC applies to any vehicle operating in California including trucks registered in other states.

The first step in Clean Truck Check compliance is registering every vehicle in your fleet in the CTC-VIS database. If your vehicle was operating in California in 2023, you must pay a $30 compliance fee for that year (the deadline for the 2023 payment was January 31, 2024). For 2024, if a truck’s compliance deadline falls between July and December, another compliance fee will be due for the year.

The compliance deadline for vehicles registered in California matches their DMV registration expiration/renewal date. Vehicles registered outside of California have a compliance deadline based on the last number of their VIN. You can find more information about this schedule on the CARB website.

Testing requirements go into effect on October 1, 2024. A valid test can be carried out no earlier than 90 days from the compliance deadline for the vehicle. For 2025, affected vehicles must be tested twice per year. In 2027, the testing schedule becomes quarterly.

The type of emissions test depends on the vehicle. In most cases, the truck will undergo an OBD test using a CARB-certified device. Pre-2013 diesel engines will require an SAE J1667 opacity test.

Unfortunately, the compliance deadline is based on the registration renewal date of the vehicle, and a valid test cannot happen more than 90 days from that date. Each vehicle in your fleet must be tested according to that schedule. 

CARB requires that Clean Truck Check testing be carried out by credentialed testers using approved equipment. Vehicle owners can be credentialed through CARB’s training course.

Operating trucks that are not in compliance with CTC regulations may result in DMV registration holds and financial penalties.

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