California Court Latest Decision on Diesel Rule Hits Small Fleets and Farmers Hard

Different big rigs semi trucks standing in row on the truck stop

In 2014, CARB recognized the extreme economic pressures experienced by smaller trucking fleets and independent owners as they sought to comply by upgrading or purchasing new equipment. CARB responded by amending the regulation to make it more flexible for ‘the little guys’ to comply. Unfortunately, the latest court decision in the CTA/Lawson vs. CARB lawsuit negates those amendments and deals a profound blow to the smaller fleets, small farmers, and independent owners.

A quote from our liaison, “Mileage-based options that are available now may not be the same in the near future as a result of the CTA/Lawson lawsuit, which significantly impacted flexibility options affecting farmers, rural operators, heavy cranes, and low mileage vehicles. Vehicles using the low-use mileage option will likely need to stay under 1000 miles in order to maintain compliance during the 2018 compliance year.”


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